Motion on Kashmir

Motion on Kashmir

Motion on Kashmir

Adjournment Motion under the Rule of 85 Rules of the Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Senate

The recent murder of Burhan Wani and 30 others amid protests in Indian-held Kashmir have once again brought to public view the Kashmiri peoples’ plight under a state that continues to use force to suppress a legitimate freedom struggle.

Pakistan’s committment to a permanent solution to the Kashmir issue in line with the 1948 UNSC resolution on Kashmir dictating a “free and impartial plebiscite” goes unheard while the people of Kashmir burn.

New Delhi’s  plan for Kashmir not only seems to oppress Kashmiris further through military power but to reverse Article 370 of the Indian constitution.

It has also reacted dismissively on Pakistan’s official position on the recent protests, asking Islamabad not to “interfere” in the “internal affairs of its neighbors.” The Indian External Affairs Ministry has also gone as far as saying that statements from Islamabad on the situation in IHK reflect “Pakistan’s continued attachment to terrorism and its usage as an instrument of state policy.” Such statements are highly condemnable and in complete contradiction of the unsettled nature of the Kashmir issue.

Given the significance of the Kashmir issue to Pakistan, normal proceedings of the house may be adjourned to discuss the rapidly deteriorating conditions in IHK and Pakistan’s position in response to New Delhi’s reprehensible statements on the matter.