Vice President PPP

What Bhutto Meant

April 4 reminds us of the statesman that the country lost to the ambitions of a cardboard-cutout of an archtypical dictator, writes Sherry Rehman on SZAB

Women in the Crosshairs

The edifice of exclusion, of restricted rights, is so difficult to take down because it takes its power from state-defined unitary codes.

Empower Nacta, reiterates Sherry

Says federal government’s resistance to allocate funding to the already incapacitated Nacta defies state’s national resolve to combat terrorism, militancy in the country.

Mini-budgets are undemocratic: Senator Sherry Rehman

Mini-budgets are undemocratic: Senator Sherry Rehman   Islamabad, December 3, 2015: Vice President PPP Senator Sherry Rehman criticized the federal government here today on issuing another mini-budget to make up for its failure to expand the tax net. Terming ‘mini-budgets’ a “regrettably regressive practice” to comply with IMF conditionalities, she said that the federal government continues to