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SR’s pick: Books that mattered in 2013

Sherry Rehman discusses her favourite books of 2013. Apart from the staple of American foreign policy page-turners such as Confront and Conceal by David Sanger, Little America by Rajiv Chandrasakeran, and Vali Nasr’s incisive Dispensable Nation, for me 2013 was intellectually dominated by two big-span-history books. The Measure of Civilization by Ian Morris, and Why

Moving out Af-Pak

October 22, 2013 The Daily Dawn Tomorrow Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, will meet President Barack Obama in Washington, to signal Islamabad’s renewed interest in a broad-based relationship with the US. This will be the first opportunity for both leaders to size up each other’s resolve, identify new areas of cooperation, re-assess perennial issues, and

The Malala moment

The Express Tribune October 12, 2013 She didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize. That’s totally ok. The award nomination is a milestone among many. Malala Yousafzai, 16, is still proud and hopeful that she will move bigger mountains. So is mainstream Pakistan. Without going into who got the coveted prize and why, we congratulate the

Hard choices in Syria

By Sherry Rehman As the Syrian crisis escalates, the leadership forced on America after the Second World War has once again taken it to the frontlines of what it sees as an international obligation. From the G20 summit to the Arab street, the debate on how the US responds to the monstrous use of chemical

Building a new democracy in Pakistan

The Hill’s Global Affairs, Jan 3, 2013 Building a new democracy in Pakistan by Ambassador Sherry Rehman In 2008, the people of Pakistan were successful in their struggle for democracy, even though we lost our leader, Benazir Bhutto, in the campaign against terrorism and extremism, as she bravely led the way to representative government. As

Pakistan and the U.S.: A new beginning?

Allies have had a rocky year, but the relationship can be salvaged By Sherry Rehman Chicago tribune May 20, 2012   The NATO summit in Chicago will focus on the endgame in Afghanistan on the heels of U.S. House debate on bills that will shape the nature of the U.S.-Pakistan relationship. The tone of this debate and the diplomacy of


The Emergency the World Forgot Just because it’s not being broadcast doesn’t mean all is well in Pakistan’s flood-hit areas. By Sherry Rehman| Newsweek,  Nov. 25, 2011, issue. Disaster fatigue is not a common sentiment in Pakistan. Since the 2005 earthquake Pakistan has seen many natural calamities and large-scale mobilization campaigns across the country to


Khaleej Times September 8, 2011 An indispensable relationship Sherry Rehman (Debate) The term “endgame” is imbued with as many meanings as the number of players seeking to fast-track an amicable solution to the conflict in Afghanistan. Some states have higher stakes than others. The US and other troop-contributing countries have focused their efforts on transitioning


NEWSWEEK PAKISTAN From the Sept. 2 & 9‚ 2011‚ issue. Enter the Endgame By Sherry Rehman Much more can be accomplished in Afghanistan and with much less pain if U.S. policy circles were to appreciate that Pakistan’s actions may be motivated by fear, not ambition. The term “endgame” is imbued with as many meanings as

Stand Up Against the Blasphemy Laws

As empowered citizens, it is our responsibility to fight for the promise our founding father made on August 11 of 1947, when he addressed the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan.