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Pakistan’s UN bromide

The four-point formula is a good scramble at presenting the world with policy pro-activity from Pakistan. But a tone-deaf Delhi leaves little room for levelling up the non-existent peace track.

Five Flashpoints for Strategic Planners

For a country navigating multiple internal and external challenges, Pakistan’s economic, governance and policy-delivery deficits have been a constraint on strategic resource-allocation and decision-making.

Modi’s Greta Garbo moment – by Sherry Rehman

Modi’s Greta Garbo moment By Sherry Rehman There is no crisis between India and Pakistan that has not been tried on for size. The latest one, though, comes at a time that could have been pivotal for a sustainable thaw between the neuralgic neighbours. Instead, New Delhi’s unilateral cancellation of foreign secretary-level talks has not

Winning Our Own War By Sherry Rehman

Winning Our Own War By Sherry Rehman 10 things to do beyond North Waziristan As Pakistan’s military runs through its ground offensive in the federally-administered North Waziristan tribal agency in the punishing July heat of Ramzan, the harrowing homelessness of almost a million tribal people poses the most poignant humanitarian challenge to Prime Minister Nawaz

The Audacity of Hope by Sherry Rehman

The flight to New Delhi for Pakistan’s Prime Minister to attend Narendra Modi’s inaugural among other Saarc leaders is a short one, but is nothing short of a diplomatic coup for both. The symbolic ceremonials of the event can at best be, well, just that: Symbolic. It is Nawaz Sharif’s bilateral meeting with the newly

India’s New Tryst with Destiny? – By Sherry Rehman

The News International As India turns inwards to its next election, the world watches with a mixture of anxiety and hope. Hope, because India has the capacity to lead South Asia into a less polarised 21st century. And worry in case it takes a turn towards ultra-nationalism and regional drift. With the BJP’s Narendra Modi’s

Crimson Tide: Storm Brewing over Pakistan by Sherry Rehman

A regional storm is brewing, and Pakistan could well be at its centre. As Pakistan faces off its darkest moment of terrorist challenge, citizens are asking how long they will have to wait for a consistent policy response from the state and government. The drumbeat and din are growing; the pressure to act is also

SR’s pick: Books that mattered in 2013

Sherry Rehman discusses her favourite books of 2013. Apart from the staple of American foreign policy page-turners such as Confront and Conceal by David Sanger, Little America by Rajiv Chandrasakeran, and Vali Nasr’s incisive Dispensable Nation, for me 2013 was intellectually dominated by two big-span-history books. The Measure of Civilization by Ian Morris, and Why