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What Bhutto Meant

April 4 reminds us of the statesman that the country lost to the ambitions of a cardboard-cutout of an archtypical dictator, writes Sherry Rehman on SZAB

What Brussels Really Means

By Sherry Rehman March 26, 2016 “The menace of Brussels lies not (just) in the terror, but in the responses to terror.”  — Simon Jenkins in The Guardian The impact of the heinous Brussels attacks may not have altered daily lives in Europe just yet, let alone the rest of the world, but in the

Women in the Crosshairs

The edifice of exclusion, of restricted rights, is so difficult to take down because it takes its power from state-defined unitary codes.

The Arc of Climate Justice

As one of the world’s smaller polluters, Pakistan is well within its rights in seeking resources and funds to cope with the impact of problems for which it is not responsible

Pakistan’s UN bromide

The four-point formula is a good scramble at presenting the world with policy pro-activity from Pakistan. But a tone-deaf Delhi leaves little room for levelling up the non-existent peace track.