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ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN:  A Pakistani woman holds a placard as she marches with other activists of the Progressive Women's Association (PWA) during a demonstration near The Parliament House in Islamabad, 09 March 2004.  Some three hundred women took part in the demonstration demanding that the government put a halt to domestic and social violence commited aganist the women of Pakistan.  JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Women in the Crosshairs

The edifice of exclusion, of restricted rights, is so difficult to take down because it takes its power from state-defined unitary codes.


Asia’s Fragile Heart

Rehman writes on the Heart of Asia Conference and Pakistan’s relationship with India and Afghanistan.

Boys use a large steel pot as a raft to cross an expanse of flood water in Pakistan. More than half a billion children across the world live in areas with extremely high flood risk. Photo: Unicef/2011/Zaidi

The Arc of Climate Justice

As one of the world’s smaller polluters, Pakistan is well within its rights in seeking resources and funds to cope with the impact of problems for which it is not responsible

PM Sharif addresses the 70th session of the UNGA - AFP

Pakistan’s UN bromide

The four-point formula is a good scramble at presenting the world with policy pro-activity from Pakistan. But a tone-deaf Delhi leaves little room for levelling up the non-existent peace track.

Five Flashpoints for Strategic Planners

For a country navigating multiple internal and external challenges, Pakistan’s economic, governance and policy-delivery deficits have been a constraint on strategic resource-allocation and decision-making.

Modi’s Greta Garbo moment – by Sherry Rehman

Modi’s Greta Garbo moment By Sherry Rehman There is no crisis between India and Pakistan that has not been tried on for size. The latest one, though, comes at a time that could have been pivotal for a sustainable thaw between the neuralgic neighbours. Instead, New Delhi’s unilateral cancellation of foreign secretary-level talks has not


Winning Our Own War By Sherry Rehman

Winning Our Own War By Sherry Rehman 10 things to do beyond North Waziristan As Pakistan’s military runs through its ground offensive in the federally-administered North Waziristan tribal agency in the punishing July heat of Ramzan, the harrowing homelessness of almost a million tribal people poses the most poignant humanitarian challenge to Prime Minister Nawaz