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CPEC: A momentum for prosperity

THE CPEC Summit 2018 was an important event with a distinguished group of thought leaders. In a conference full of unconventional wisdoms and cutting edge info, a lower‑riparian speaker’s job was quite unenviable. In more ways than one, the summit signalled Pakistan’s commitment to change and growth. What it signalled bang in the middle of

Say no to sexual abuse

exual abuse is the one nasty worm that infects every class, every community in Pakistan, but the light in this tunnel is that sexual abuse both against children and women and men is embedded in regional and growing global trends of activism against such crimes.

An existential threat

Political disputes among provinces and with the federal government will be unavoidable, fuelling structural unrest in the country. We must act. And we must act now.

From sloggers to celebrities

    IF there is one reality that defines Pakistan’s media consistently across seven decades, it is its commercially powered growth. In 70 years it has mutated in quantum stages to multiple levels. The pen that used to be mightier than the sword has become a nano-chip-powered lightsabre. Today the media is very different from

How not to talk with India

How not to talk with India | By Sherry Rehman Talking to India is just as important as how not to talk. Starting from the premise that constructive dialogue is the first step towards untangling a history of vexed relations between two nuclear neighbours, every government that has made any headway on this track has done

A bumpy road ahead

Given his urgent need to sharpen a big-picture policy agenda, pivoting to South Asia and Pakistan will likely not be his first priority.