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Running towards fire in a land where words draw heat

The Sydney Morning Herald September 8, 2011 Paul McGeough, Islamabad TO CAMP at the crossroads of courage and recklessness is to live dangerously. To stay put after two stalwart allies have been murdered requires the nerves of steel that are immediately apparent on meeting Sherry Rehman. She is a woman who knows something about pressure

Reforming laws that misuse Islam not anti-religion

HINDUSTAN TIMES APRIL 15, 2011 ‘Reforming laws that misuse Islam not anti-religion’ Yashwant Raj, Hindustan Times Former Pakistani information minister Sherry Rehman is high up on the list of al Qaeda targets because of a bill she introduced in 2010 making the punishment for blasphemy lighter than it is currently — 10 years in jail

The Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor January 28, 2011 Could there be a liberal resurgence in Pakistan? Lawmaker Sherry Rehman says she’s working on it. A liberal resurgence in Pakistan may not be as unlikely as it might seem, according to Sherry Rehman, a progressive parliamentarian who is attempting to amend the country’s blasphemy laws. By Issam