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Pakistan’s UN bromide

The four-point formula is a good scramble at presenting the world with policy pro-activity from Pakistan. But a tone-deaf Delhi leaves little room for levelling up the non-existent peace track.

Senator Sherry Rehman at the JI Twitter Cafe on Indo Pak Futures

On 17/09/15 Jinnah Institute held an event for social media users, activists, mediapersons and policy practitioners to participate in its first ever Twitter Café. In an event format rarely used by civil society organizations, the Twitter Café aimed at creating a policy-focused debate on social media discussing the state of bilateral relations between India and

Sherry Rehman calls for bringing Pakistan’s climate change policy into action

Islamabad, August 5, 2015: During a session of the upper house of the parliament, PPP Senator Sherry Rehman submitted an adjournment motion for bringing the country’s National Climate Change Policy into action.   “Pakistan has repeatedly faced some of the most devastating natural disasters, and yet the government continues to ignore the threat that the country faces

Pay attention to the textile industry complaints: Sherry Rehman

Pay attention to the textile industry complaints: Sherry Rehman   ISLAMABAD, June 30, 2015: “The announcement of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association to close down the textile industry is a stark reminder of the federal government’s failure to revive the economy and protect its most valuable sector in any significant way,” Senator Sherry Rehman